General Corporate

We provide advice on a wide range of legal issues which a company encounters in its daily business. Our advice covers not only contracts such as sale and purchase agreements, distribution agreements, agency agreements, joint venture agreements, share transfer agreements and employment agreements, but also issues affecting the daily management and compliance of a company.


The opportunities for companies to trade, and negotiate and enter contracts on a global basis are increasing as the world becomes more and more borderless. We provide legal assistance to global companies in a manner consistent with their international business. Our assistance includes not only drafting various documents such as contracts, reports and memorandums in English but also participating in negotiations in English.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property rights such as trademark rights, copyrights (including software rights) and knowhow may become a major issue as in cases where licenses are granted or intellectual property rights are challenged or as an issue ancillary to a transaction as in cases where intellectual property clauses are inserted into a contract. We provide advice not only in cases where intellectual property rights are the core issue such as by preparing various license agreements and commencing intellectual property invalidation proceedings but also in cases where intellectual property rights are ancillary to a larger transaction.


Employment law is one area of law which neither companies nor employees can avoid. We provide assistance in preparing various employment related documents such as employment contracts and working rules (which an employer who continuously employees 10 or more employees shall adopt) and also provide advice on such areas as termination of employment, sexual harassment and protection of trade secrets, being areas which tend to escalate into a serious legal dispute.


There are many legal issues at school which require special skills and knowledge concerning education such as compliance with the Bullying Prevention Act or accidents occurring at school. We, through our lawyers who are specialized in this area, provide legal advice on such issues to schools, teachers, parents and students.

Insolvency and Restructuring

Liquidation, bankruptcy and restructuring of a company is an area of law which requires advanced legal skills as many legal issues concerning various interested parties arise within a short period. In relation to liquidation, bankruptcy or rehabilitation proceedings, we provide advice to clients who are considering commencing such proceedings or to those trying to collect money from a company in financial difficulty, in accordance with the objectives of our clients.

Litigation and Dispute resolution

Our legal services in this area generally fall into two categories: preventing legal disputes from arising by preparing detailed contracts, and resolving existing disputes. Where a legal dispute has arisen, we provide our clients with advice designed to reach the best solution for our clients, through proceedings such as litigation, arbitration or settlement outside the court, depending on the status of the dispute.